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Kaleb Bryson trainer Picture

Kaleb Bryson

Kaleb grew up playing basketball his whole life, Dad was a varsity coach, and he quickly fell in love with the sport.  He started working with young kids in high school developing their skills, and knew this was what he wanted to do. Kaleb has been a certified trainer for over two years and is fully dedicated to helping basketball players reach their full potential, and advance to the next level. Kaleb has also joined Everett College as their men's basketball team's strength trainer and assistant coach.

Aaron Carlson trainer picture

Aaron Carlson

Aaron has been training athletes in strength and conditioning since 2019. Recognizing the game-changing impact of specialized strength training, he has dedicated his career to the nuanced needs of basketball players, from eager middle schoolers to professional and Division 1 athletes. For Aaron, it's more than just training; it is the vehicle to take your game FURTHER than you ever thought possible.

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“My basketball career changed when I found the weight room. With the help and guidance of Aaron and my brother Kaleb, I was able to add the right muscle to elevate my game!”

Drew Bryson scoring a lay up at Simon Fraiser University

Drew Bryson

Simon Fraser University

“My training with Kaleb has helped me tons in the past couple of months. I used to struggle with knee pain and since working with them on form and recovery I have been pain free in my knees and it's a great feeling to have especially on the court! Their training really focuses on basketball players which I think is great because I have seen my vertical increase tons just by working with them."

John Floyd at Prep Hoops

John Floyd

Stanwood High School

"I saw huge improvements from lifting in my athleticism and overall strength. Aaron helped me get an understanding of the basics in weightlifting and jump training which I continued and will still continue to build off of for my whole career."

David Zachman SPU photo day

David Zachman

Seattle Pacific University